Bo-Bowl (Grilled Short Rib Beef Noodle Bowl)

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Vietnamese “sườn bò nướng” or “Grilled beef shortribs” on a bed of bún vermicelli noodles, green leaf lettuce, cucumber, mint, cilantro, pickled carrots & daikon and crispy shallots. Served with a side of house dipping sauce.

9 reviews for Bo-Bowl (Grilled Short Rib Beef Noodle Bowl)

  1. Tori (verified owner)

  2. George H S. (verified owner)

  3. Teri (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent!! I will be ordering this again soon.

  5. Renee Ranum (verified owner)

    It tasted great! She would have liked a little more meat

  6. Teri (verified owner)

    Their food is always so FRESH and delicious!

  7. Anna B. (verified owner)

  8. Monica (verified owner)

    The cucumbers had a chemical taste to them. They tasted as though they were not washed or were sprayed with a cleaning solution. I picked them all out of my Bo-Bowl. Other than that, my food was good.

  9. Derrell Lawery (verified owner)

    Food is always fresh, tasty and fast.

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