• Bun-Mi-Orange-Passion-Fruit-Juice
    Passionfruit Juice

    In Vietnam, we call it the “vine lemon” because it’s sour and grows on a vine. But passionfruit’s intoxicating fragrance uplevels any juice that with is sweet exotic aroma. At bún mì, this is our signature drink packed with vitamins, flavor and nutrients, our passionfruit juice is enhanced with fresh oranges and chia seeds.  

  • Bun-Mi-Grilled-Pork-Banh-Mi-005
    Grilled Garlic Pork Banh Mi

    Our grilled pork can give any banh mi shop a run for their money.  

  • 1B5A6077
    Coconut Juice

    Scratch the coconut water, we’re giving you wholesome coconut water+juice straight from the coconut! It’s a dessert, a drink and a meal (if you scoop out the “meat” when you’re done) all in one!  

  • Bun-Mi-Grilled-Mushroom-Bun-Bowl-003
    Grilled Mushroom Banh Mi

    Grilled king mushroom for the vegetarians and vegans or those interested in meat alternatives. But it tastes so good even meat lovers will cheat!  

  • Bun-Mi-Grilled-Shrimp-Bowl-007
    Grilled Shrimp Bun Bowl

    Are delicious wild caught gulf shrimp on a bed of fresh herbs, veggies and noodles drizzled with a sweet, sour and savory sauce.  

  • Bun-Mi-Grilled-Beef-Bowl-030
    Grilled Beef Bun Bowl

    Grilled lemongrass beef on a bed of fresh vegetables, herbs and vermicelli noodles.

  • Bun-Mi-Grilled-Shrimp-Bun-Bowl-002
    Grilled Shrimp Banh Mi

    Jumbo Garlic Shrimp grilled to perfection  

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