• sugarcanejuice
    Fresh Pressed Sugarcane Juice

    If you never had sugarcane juice you’re in for a treat. We make it here fresh every day.

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    Passionfruit Juice

    In Vietnam, we call it the “vine lemon” because it’s sour and grows on a vine. But passionfruit’s intoxicating fragrance uplevels any juice that with is sweet exotic aroma. At bún mì, this is our signature drink packed with vitamins, flavor and nutrients, our passionfruit juice is enhanced with fresh oranges and chia seeds.  

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    Coconut Juice

    Scratch the coconut water, we’re giving you wholesome coconut water+juice straight from the coconut! It’s a dessert, a drink and a meal (if you scoop out the “meat” when you’re done) all in one!  

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    Soda Chanh is the Vietnamese version of a lemonade with a fizz- kick. Fresh squeezed limes, sweetened with all natural sugar and topped off with ice and club soda. We can make replace with water if you like for a plain lime-aid. Mint optional  

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