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    Press Mentions

    Our humble business caught the attention of some major press in Atlanta and we’re so proud and appreciative of their recognition. In a year we’ve emerged from a “who are they” to a restaurant named as having the best banh mi in Atlanta.

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    Fresh Drinks

    Our house drinks range from exotics like fresh coconut water or fresh squeezed orange passionfruit juice, to house brewed Hibiscus Tea & Vietnamese Coffee and Milk Teas made from real tea leaves and fresh milk

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    Milk Teas

    Bubble Tea, Milk Tea, Tapioca Tea, Boba, Pearl Milk Tea, whatever you call it we have some of the best tasting in Atlanta. We brew our teas with a special 24 hour process using real tea leaves, real sugar and real milk. Most of the places out there use artificial creamers and powders to turn […]

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    Dietary Friendly

    We have gluten free noodles & dishes, Vegan banh mi complete with vegan aioli, vegan noodle bowls & spring rolls and even Vegan desserts (for catering orders). Our special spring roll sauce does not contain peanuts. We have menu items to accommodate most dietary needs.

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    Passionfruit Juice

    In Vietnam, we call it the “vine lemon” because it’s sour and grows on a vine. But passionfruit’s intoxicating fragrance uplevels any juice that with is sweet exotic aroma. At bún mì, this is our signature drink packed with vitamins, flavor and nutrients, our passionfruit juice is enhanced with fresh oranges and chia seeds.  

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    Coconut Juice

    Scratch the coconut water, we’re giving you wholesome coconut water+juice straight from the coconut! It’s a dessert, a drink and a meal (if you scoop out the “meat” when you’re done) all in one!  

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