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Support Your Local Business, Use Food Delivery Service Sparingly

With the growing number of food delivery services in Atlanta such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, GrubHub, Postmates etc, restaurant owners are seeing a huge chunk of their revenue eaten up but by these companies. In theory, they are supposed to bring in incremental business to the company, instead they are cannibalising existing business as current customers opt for the convenience albeit at a much higher price point.


Bun Mi’s Unique Wagyu Beef Pho

While we’d love to claim that Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill is the only restaurant in Atlanta that served Wagyu Beef Pho, the popularity and buzz around this has inspired others in the city and country to follow suit. We’ve started the trend of the longer banh mi and now the Wagyu Pho as well. We’ll continue to dream up new ways to reinvent and uplevel some of our most favorite Vietnamese dishes and continue our goal of raising awareness for Vietnamese food and making it mainstream.